Golarion's wounds

A plan emerges

After killing the bad goblins and the quasit the party had a brief discussion with the few remaining good goblins.  They expressed a desire to find the "pool" because the pool would make them better, stronger, and faster.  Hand expressed that this pool could be interesting intel and so off the party went, continuing up the hill, which was gradually becoming a mountain.  At some point they crossed over wall created by the wardstones, and while nothing overly changed, the threat level for the party definitely increased.  As they stopped for the night they were attacked by a swarm of demonic creatures, in this case, rats as large as dogs.  The party quickly overwhelmed the swarm of creatures, no thanks to the goblins who had disappeared up the mountain.  They reappeared after the fight and claimed they were trying to keep the party from being surrounded. 

The following day was a continuation of hiking up the mountain.  CJ was able to actually get the silent bard to speak, and learned that her name is Brande.  The creepy half-elf attempted some conversation with Gortak, but was quickly rebuffed.  Val did not tell anyone of this dream the night before in which he was approached by a devilish bureaucrat who informed him that he was being observed before cryptically reminding him of the blood war.

As the day progressed, the party loosened up a bit, to the point where Valtor bet CJ that he would not respond to a nearby wolf howl.  CJ did and was rewarded by a giant demonic wolf moving out of the brush in front of the party.


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