Golarion's wounds


It’s been 10 years since the last Mendevian crusade into the horrors of the Worldwound.  That was the 4th such crusade, and even though it was the longest and the most brutal, human memories are short, and the horror of that campaign has begun to pale compared to the daily horrors the demon horde of the Worldwound visit on the outlying regions of Mendev.

Crusader Queen Galfrey has tasked her general, the pious Sir Bivros Rolondl, with preparing this 5thcrusade, and striking a balance between the tactics used in the prior crusades.  Sir Bivros has ordered the preparation of dozens of small strike forces.  These strike forces are designed to mimic the one successful tactic from the 2nd crusade, the “infiltration crusade”, and gather reconnaissance about the locations of the demon forces.  Each strike force is to be comprised of a mixture of the pious and the “low templars”, mercenaries, criminals and non-pious, who were granted, or forced into, positions in the army.  Some of these low templars are paid, some are conscripted, some are released from prison directly into the army, all are looked down on by the pious.  The leader of each strike force was granted a powerful magic item that relays all of the geographical reconnaissance back to Sir Bivros’ staff, this happens automatically, but is expected to be accompanied by a separate voice report delivered daily by the leader of the strike force.

The strike forces have been assembled and transported to villages nearest their insertion points.  For our fearless party, that insertion point is the hamlet of Narom on the western border of Mendev.


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