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  • Worldwound

    Approximately 100 years ago The [[Worldwound]] opened in northern [[Avistan]].  The demons did not immediately pour forth though, but, showing remarkable restraint for their kind, trickled in and did not immediately cause the lands surrounding the …

  • Sarkoris

    Sarkoris was the powerful barbarian kingdom that existed where the [[Worldwound]] and surrounding demon inhabited lands now stand.

  • 4th Mendevian crusade

    The 4th Mendevian crusade was far and away the largest of the crusades up until that point.  The precipitating event for this crusade was a [[balor]] lord that lead a demon army out of the [[Worldwound]] and damaged one of the [[wardstones]] …

  • blood war

    The Blood war is the common name for the war between [[demons]] and [[devils]].  Early cosmologists expressed surprise that the two groups were at war, but as scholars studied them it became evident why.  [[Demons]] want nothing but …

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