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  • Crusader Queen Galfrey

    Crusader Queen Galfrey is the current ruler of Mendev.  She is referred to as the Sword of [[Iomedae]].  She manages to balance being a compassionate ruler with the trials of ruling a country almost solely responsible for holding back …

  • Bivros Rolondl

    Sir Bivros is Queen Galfrey's right hand man.  Pious and loyal to a fault, Sir Bivros is delighted to be able to serve his queen by spearheading this [[5th Mendevian crusade]].  A short, yet solidly built human in his mid-50s, Sir …

  • Handle Riverbottom

    Corporal Handle "Hand" Riverbottom is a veteran mercenary.  He served in the [[4th Mendevian crusade]] 10 years ago, and since then has struggled worked for various mercenary groups.  When he heard the call for troops to begin …

  • Strix

    Strix is a taciturn half elven slayer.  He doesn't volunteer much about himself, but is more than capable combatant.  He is a member of [[The 52nd Strike]].

  • Brande Vedran

    Brande is a young human female bard.  Remarkably quiet for a bard, it is not immediately clear why someone so young joined the crusade.  She is a member of [[The 52nd Strike]].

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