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  • The 52nd Strike

    The 52nd Strike is the numerical designation of the small strike force that the PCs find themselves a part of at the outset of the adventure.  The 52nd Strike is led by Corporal [[Handle Riverbottom]].  Other members of the 52nd Strike …

  • Valtor Pelendron

    Valtor, "Val" is a warpriest of Gorum.  Along with [[Handle]] Riverbottom, Val is the only other veteran serving in [[The 52nd Strike]].  Val was a combat medic in the [[4th Mendevian crusade]].

  • Sid

    Sid is a human, female sorcerer.  She is a member of [[The 52nd Strike]].  She has an obvious, yet unclear relationship with [[CJ]].

  • CJ

    CJ is a human, male rogue.  He is a member of [[ The 52nd Strike]].  He has an unclear relationship with [[Sid]].

  • Gortak

    Gortak is a male, half-orc barbarian/martial artist.  He is a member of [[The 52nd Strike]].  He notably wears manacles and leg irons and has rejected any offers to remove them.

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